this is a little game i wrote

while working on my next big game


in the mean time, play

totally by dessgeega

with sounds and music from

disposable heroes of hiphoprisy

(no, i didn't ask michael franti's permission.)

(i hope he doesn't mind.)

(i respect his work a lot.)


how to play:

televisions are invading your mental space

bringing racism, sexism, the beauty standard, jingoism, lies, commercialism

and manufactured consent. if they reach your dot you're done!

move your target with your mouse

and left click to fire a blip.

if the blip hits a tv, the tv will turn off

and stop moving. hit the tv again to make it


exploding tvs can hit other tvs

to create big chains! the more you chain, the more points you get!

but you can't fire another blip until the chain has finished!

see README.TXT for more info!

this game was made in game maker 6

and the graphics were made in graphicsgale